As the colo |:| bern datacenter is carrier neutral, you may choose between several fibre, wavelength and bandwith suppliers. colo |:| bern will supply necessary patch cables and interconnection between your rack and your supplier. colo |:| bern does not prefer any supplier over another.

Some suppliers may offer package deals - rackspace and bandwidth combined with a discount.

If you do not find your preferred supplier on the lists below, please contact us. We will assist you to get the connection you need for your business.

Available fibre / wavelength carriers

(in alphabetical order)
Company Fibre / Wavelength Carriers Internet Service Providers
Cogent x
Colt x
Energie Wasser Bern xx
eunetworks xx
Gas&Com xx
AEW / Litecom xx
NTS Workspace AG xx
Quickline xx
Swisscom xx
Sunrise xx
UPC (Cablecom) xx
VTL W@veNet xx
Zayo xx

Internet Exchange Point (IXP)

NTS Workspace AG and NTS Colocation AG are both full members of SwissIX.